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Fashion house CHARLES & KEITH has collaborated with London-based Spanish artist Coco Capitán on a 2-piece capsule collection. Exploring the connection between prose and fashion, and the complex emotions it evokes, the collection celebrates individuality and childhood innocence. The androgynous and structured silhouettes of brand’s iconic Perline Penny Loafers and the Double Handle Sculptural Tote Bag serve as a canvas for Capitán’s art.
My art is inspired by overheard conversations, diary entries, and sudden waves of introspection. I believe that words can transcend cultures and give us a glimmer of hope for brighter times.
– said Coco Capitán.
The capsule is inspired by the childhood game “He loves me, he loves me not”. The loafers and the bag feature a drawings of blue daisies alongside Capitán’s handwritten prose, “Loves Me Blue, Love Me Blue Not.” A hopeful tale of a solitary blue flower blooming through concrete is told throughout this all-black capsule that feels like it’s specially created for the wearer. The artist has injected her personal touch by translating the Charles & Keith’s logo in her signature script.
Charles & Keith is once again excited to be a catalyst in promoting creativity, tapping into the minds of globally acclaimed artists to create limited edition and unique pieces featuring their artwork – something we’ve never previously explored. Our team worked closely with Capitán to create this capsule collection that reflects her cool-girl attitude. These pieces, paired with her poignant prose, are perfect collector’s items for art lovers and the fashion forward crowd.
– said Fredie Stevens, Design Director of CHARLES & KEITH.
The capsule is merging CHARLES & KEITH’s design aesthetic with spontaneity and intimacy of Coco Capitán’s work.
The Coco Capitán X Charles & Keith capsule collection is available at

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