A recent Green Lantern cover from DC Comics celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month has come under fire for changes that drastically altered the image.
Fans on social media have called out DC Comics for changes made to the recent cover art for Hispanic Heritage Month, starring Kyle Rayner's Green Lantern. The original cover featured an homage to Mexican muralist Jorge González Camarena's La Patria. However, after changes were made to the image to include the Green Lantern hero holding tamales, even the artist of the piece distanced himself from it in a statement on Twitter.
In June, DC Comics revealed a handful of new variant covers that would appear on issues throughout September. The artwork featured some of DC's Hispanic heroes and villains, from Renee Montoya's The Question, Jessica Cruz's Green Lantern, and the villain Bane. Each cover featured the characters enjoying and eating food connected to their heritage. However, after artist Jorge Molina submitted his Green Lantern piece homaging Mexican muralist Jorge Gonzalez Camarena, DC Comics decided to change the image, finding themselves in controversy – with many calling out the publisher for both the notable alterations and the uninspired (and stereotypical) replacement.
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Artist Jorge Molina previously shared his tribute to Jorge González Camerena's La Patria that was set to appear on Titans United: Bloodpact #1 from DC Comics. In June, he said the cover was not supposed to see the light of day due to legal issues, but the original eventually made its way online. This weekend, an alteration of Molina's cover was revealed, as Kyle Rayner's Green Lantern can be seen holding a bag of tamales in the reworked artwork. Unfortunately, the image lost nearly its entire background homaging the muralist's work, while the Green Lantern holds a flag saying "Viva Mexico!!!" as the tamales fall out of his overstuffed bag.
Molina said on Twitter that it was hard to keep his mouth shut about the controversy, admitting there's a reason that the original Green Lantern homage piece for Hispanic Heritage Month has his signature and the reworked version does not.
The reactions on social media to the cover change controversy pointed out that the new Green Lantern cover for Hispanic Heritage Month from DC Comics seemed lazy at best and racist at worst.
The images were called out for being "pathetically uncreative" when it comes to visually representing Hispanic heritage.
The controversy is certainly warranted, as DC Comics changed a beautiful cover into something that feels like it wasn't handled with any thought or care. It's important to note that DC hiring a group of Hispanic artists to create a celebration of their culture's comic book heroes and villains is a great idea. However, changing the Kyle Rayner Green Lantern Hispanic Heritage Month variant cover art – even for legal reasons – makes the publisher look like they truly don't care about authenticity. The replacement Green Lantern image ended up being offensive and deservedly was called out because of it.
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