See all 22 artworks submitted for the Art for Artemis project on display at the Waterfront in Bremen, Germany. The formal opening of the exhibition is on 22 August at 17:00 CEST with ESA astronaut Thomas Reiter and will be open to the public throughout the Artemis I mission to the Moon and back.
The Art for Artemis project saw design and multimedia students from all over Europe submit artwork to be included on the transatlantic voyage of the European Service Module-3 that will power astronauts to the Moon.
Annalisa Dominoni a jury member from the Politecnico di Milano says “The art submitted by the European students was fascinating to see, and showed great variation in techniques, styles and messages.
“It will be great to see all the pieces on display in one place to observe the differences and soak up how humankind’s missions to the Moon are inspiring young designers and artists.”
The first European Service Module sits atop the mega Moon rocket on the launchpad for its flight around the Moon as part of the Orion spacecraft. The rocket and Orion are going through final preparations for a launch planned later this month.
The second European Service Module is nearby at NASA’s Operation and Checkout building being built up for its launch on Artemis II.
The third European Service Module will be transported from the Airbus integration halls near the exhibition space at the Waterfront in Bremen, Germany, to the USA.
From the 24 entries from eight schools, a jury chose two pieces that will accompany the third spacecraft module on its first step forward to the Moon.
The schools that took part in Art for Artemis are: Les Beaux-arts de Paris in Paris, France, Kristiania in Oslo, Norway, UCM in Madrid, Spain, the Basel Art Institute in Basel, Switzerland, Media College in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, Comics School in Turin, Italy, Hochschule Darmstadt in Darmstadt, Germany, and Forsbergs Skolan in Stockholm, Sweden.
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