Felipe Pantone collectors, mark the 5th of October in your calendar. In just a few days time, the acclaimed Argentinian-Spanish artist is set to unveil the sequel to his popular edition, SUBTRACTIVE VARIABILITY COMPACT.
The second edition in the series is similar in form, but produces a noticeably different pattern when each of the three disks are spun. “This piece summarizes, in the most minimal, concise, and pedagogical manner, the way in which color works,” said the artist in a statement. “It allows the viewer to interact with the artwork and to witness the formation of color as they touch the piece; a sort of induced synesthesia between touch and sight.”

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SUBTRACTIVE VARIABILITY COMPACT 2 is an edition of 200 that measures 19 x 18 x 2 inches. Each of the three disks were specially made using PMMA with UV paint by the artist in his studio in Valencia Spain. The artwork will be available to purchase for €3,000 EUR / $2,951 USD on October 5 at 10am ET.
In related news, Jen Stark enters the world of stained glass with new Avant Arte collaboration.

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