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Posted on August 31, 2022
New faculty member, Dr. Elyssa Fenton, attends the College of Arts & Science’s Beginning-of-the-Year Celebration with Dr. Mariche Bayonas of the Languages, Literatures, and Cultures Department.
This 2022-23 academic year, the College of Arts & Sciences is pleased to welcome more than 30 new full-time faculty members. These professors bring a wealth of experience to the sciences, natural sciences, humanities, and mathematics.
Learn more about a number of our new faculty members:
woman in field
Associate Professor, Florence Schaeffer Distinguished Scholar of Science
Specialties: Ecology: Impacts of human-caused global change drivers on our grassland, forest, and agricultural ecosystems around the world
Specialties: Bioarcheology: Using human skeletons to understand biocultural responses to adaptive challenges in the past 12,000 years, including climate change
Specialties: Java programming and assembly language programming, computer organization, and hardware
Visiting Assistant Professor
Specialties: Bio-inspired computing, artificial morphogenesis, swarm robotics
Specialties: Advanced data structures, algorithms, and software engineering
Assistant Professor
Specialties: Information retrieval, natural language processing, machine learning with applications in clinical informatics, and data science
English Lecturer
Specialties: Fiction, creative nonfiction
Professional Writing Lecturer
Specialties: Writing pedagogy, composition studies
English Lecturer
Specialties: Contemporary Afro-Caribbean women’s decolonial aesthetic and cultural practices in literature, cinema, and philosophy
English Lecturer
Specialties: Poetry, poetics of grief and illness
English Lecturer
Specialties: Creative writing, fiction, playwriting, rhetoric and composition
man headshot
Associate Professor
Specialties: Statistical methods of quantifying to what extent a given conclusion is supported by the evidence
Lecturer, Assistant Admissions and 1st Year Coordinator
Specialties: pedagogy in foundational design studios, instructional methods for creative classroom environments, co-design and community engagement methods, and strategies for putting mental health and wellbeing at the center of the design process
Lecturer, Historic Preservation Certificate Coordinator
Specialties: Historic preservation, community revitalization, Main Street North Carolina Program
Specialties: Spanish language, Hispanic culture
Director of Language Instruction for the Spanish Basic Language Program
Specialties: Phonetics, phonology, Spanish language
Specialties: Spanish language, Spanish culture
Specialties: Japanese language; Recipient of the Teacher of The Year at Southeastern Association of Teachers of Japanese (SEATJ) in 2020
Visiting Assistant Professor of Statistics
Specialties: Sample survey methodology
Man in suit
Academic Professional Assistant Professor
Specialties: Online learning, professional studies, creative leadership, systems thinking, design thinking, innovation and entrepreneurship
Academic Professional Instructor
Specialties: Online pedagogy, social presence in online environments, interpersonal communication, business communication, and public speaking
Specialties: Nonhuman animals (their cognition and moral standing), philosophy of mind, ethics, metaphysics, and moral psychology
Specialties: Peer conflict resolution in children, developmental psychology
Specialties: Influence of memory and experience on everyday decisions and judgements
Specialties: Expansiveness and complexities of black and queer identities, the potentials of black liberation
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