MILFORD — Angel Carchipulla-Cuenca did not have to look far when deciding to open a second downtown restaurant. 
Pin Pan Pollo is scheduled to open July 25 at 20 Exchange St. — just around the corner from Cafeteria and Restaurante de Dona Blanquita on 163 Main St., which Carchipulla-Cuenca has run for about two years.
The Select Board last week approved a common victualler license for the new restaurant. 
Pin Pan Pollo will offer traditional Spanish dishes, such as pollo asado. Its opening will come after a little over two months of hard work, Carchipulla-Cuenca said.
“I’m excited to open and tend to the people,” he told the Daily News through an interpreter. 
Carchipulla-Cuenca explained that he planned for the restaurants to be near one another, so that it would be convenient not only for customers but also for him and his staff. 
Pin Pan Pollo is at the site of the former Ray & Dick’s Bakery, which occupied the spot for more than 50 years before closing in May 2018. The family business was popular, but owners and brothers Mark and Louie Auger said they closed it to spend more time with family, avoid the health issues they watched their overworked father go through, and because of stiff competition from the convenience of supermarket bakeries.
Carchipulla-Cuenca, who has worked in the restaurant industry for three years, said he enjoys emotionally connecting people to food.
“I wanted to make people happy with (my) food,” he said. 


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