Spanish cuisine will probably never become as integral to Melbourne as Greek and Italian food. There’s simply not enough Spaniards here.
But in lieu of massive post-war immigration, we have something else: a steady trickle of Melburnians visiting Spain, falling in love with the place and choosing to bring something of it back here. Add in a few native-born chefs who’ve decided to call Melbourne home (Frank Camorra, most notably) and there’s no lack of restaurants to get your fix of paella, jamon, croquettas, sangria and all the other hallmarks of Iberian food.

Classic Spanish food mixed with Andalucian and Muslim Mediterranean influences.

Finish your tapas or paella then head up to the roof for Negronis on tap.

The Spanish restaurant that started it all.

It’s more casual than its big brother, but the food’s just as exciting.

Movida’s baby sister – and a good spot for a more low-key bite.

Dinner one toothpick at a time.

There’s only one rule at this Spanish eatery: no cutting corners.

Character like this can’t be bought, only accumulated.
Melbourne has plenty of choice when it comes to Australia's most essential cuisine.
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The venues shaping this city’s culinary scene.
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