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We’ve collated our favourite hotspots that bring the taste and flavour of our European neighbours to the heart of our capital city. So let us take you on an European culinary adventure.
Seeking authentic Italian restaurants in the capital? Look no further. We’ve compiled a selection of quality restaurants serving the best of Italy. So for your fill of pizzas, pastas and handmade Italian desserts, read on.
📍 Cardiff Bay, Red Dragon Centre | 💬 Authentic Italian food with a cheerful ambience.
📍 Victoria Park, Cowbridge Road East | 💬 Wood-fired pizzas with fresh dough proofed for 72 hours.
📍 City Centre, Trinity Street | 💬 Traditional wood-fired pizzas in a family-run, relaxed setting.
📍 2 Locations | 💬 Neighbourhood Italian haunt, serving pizza, pasta alongside classic Italian dishes.
📍 City Centre, Bridge Street | 💬 Renowned for ‘tidy sourdough pizzas’ and their guest ciders.
📍 City Centre, Saint Mary Street | 💬 Traditional ristorante and pizzeria, known for freshness and quality.
📍 City Centre, Saint Mary Street | 💬 Award winning restaurant dishing up Neapolitan-style pizzas and an extensive cocktail list.
📍 City Centre, Cardiff Market | 💬 Try the award-winning Neapolitan pizzas from the lads off the BBC show ‘Pizza Boys’.
📍 Cardiff Bay, Mermaid | 💬 Enjoy the stunning view overlooking the Bay here as much as the authentic Italian cuisine.
📍 City Centre, Church Street | Cooked from an open kitchen, with love, the food is bursting with authentic Italian taste.
Want to try the best food inspired by our continental neighbours? Then look no further as we’ve compiled our French bistro and brasserie highlights.
📍 2 Locations | 💬 Relaxed all day dining inspired by the brasseries of Paris.
📍 Pontcanna, Romilly Crescent | 💬 Family run French restaurant dishing up refined cuisine.
📍 Pontcanna, Pontcanna Street | 💬 French-inspired food cooked lovingly with local, Welsh ingredients.
📍 Cardiff Bay, Mermaid Quay | 💬 Inviting restaurant serving fresh, high quality dishes.
📍 City Centre, St David’s | 💬 Offering a fine selection of classic French dishes.
📍 Penylan, Wellfield Road | 💬 Restaurant offering the finest French and Mediterranean cuisine.
📍 City Centre, High Street | 💬 Modern British food with distinct French and New York influences.
Cardiff boasts a large selection of Spanish and Portuguese restaurants, so whether you’re looking for a tapas selection or heartier meat and fish dishes – our selection is sure not to disappoint.
📍 City Centre, Guildhall Place | 💬 Galician bar vibes in the heart of the capital, serving an impressive tapas selection.
📍 City Centre, Brewery Quarter | 💬 Portuguese-Italian fusion served in a homely, welcoming atmosphere.
📍 City Centre, Quay Street | 💬 Relaxed dining room serving impeccable Spanish and Welsh dishes.
📍 City Centre, Saint Mary Street | 💬 Traditional Portuguese cuisine, dished up in a rustic, casual setting.
📍 2 Locations | 💬 Family-run restaurant using the finest Spanish and local ingredients.
Try out authentic Greek restaurants, serving classic dishes like pastitsio and moussaka, as well as gyros – the Greek takeaway classic.
📍 Cathays, Woodville Road | 💬 Restaurant bringing the unique taste and identity of Corfu to Cardiff.
📍 Roath, Wellfield Road | 💬 Greek restaurant and bar, serving tapas and main meals.
📍 Canton, Cowbridge Road East | 💬 Started by four friends love of sharing fresh, home-made Greek food together.
📍 Roath, Wellfield Road | 💬 Licensed restaurant serving Turkish, Kurdish, Greek and Mediterranean dishes, using local produce.
📍 Cardiff Bay, Mermaid Quay | 💬 Family owned street food vendor serving up souvlaki and gyros from their takeout restaurant.
📍 Cathays, Crwys Road | 💬 Cosy, family run, Greek restaurant serving quality food in a modern setting.
If you’re looking for the perfect finish to your culinary adventure, we’ve selected European-inspired dessert cafes, gelato venues and cake shops throughout the city.
📍 2 Locations | 💬 Maltese bakery serving pastizzi, pies, pizza, coffee and cakes.
📍 2 Locations | 💬 A little piece of Portugal serving fresh pastries and breads.
📍 Canton, Cowbridge Road East | 💬 Italian artisan gelateria only using the finest quality of the ingredients.
📍 Pontcanna, Wyndham Crescent | 💬 This Danish Bakery promotes a combination of hygge and delicious pastries.
📍 2 Locations | 💬 Baking up unique twists on the classic Welsh bakestone snack.
📍 2 Locations | 💬 Exclusive coffee blends alongside an exciting range of ice cream sundaes and a delicious food menu.


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