JEOPARDY! fans and even former contestants have been collectively grossed out by a "lazily written" clue on Monday's episode.
The game show asked for a traditional Mexican dish with an unheard-of ingredient.
Under the category "With Cream Cheese," the $1200 clue was read by host Ken Jennings, 48.
"Wrap a tortilla around chicken and cream cheese to get this dish whose Spanish name means 'spiced with chile,'" it displayed.
Andrew He – one of the three Tournament of Champions finalists of 21 contenders – buzzed in.
After squinting with hesitation he responded: "What is: Enchilada?"
Jeopardy! fans on Reddit grilled the game show for thinking the classic item would ever be stuffed with cream cheese.
"My ancestors are rolling in their graves," one fan roasted.
"Honestly really lazy clue writing. who thinks cream cheese is part of authentic enchiladas?" wrote another.
Texas-based tournament semi-finalist John Focht agreed: "I definitely turned to my mother in confusion on this one."
He added: "Her enchiladas, which definitely do not have cream cheese, are a prime comfort food."
A fourth fan hilariously penned: "I literally made enchiladas tonight and was eating while I was watching. So confused."
While a fifth said this evoked another recipe gone wrong: "Actually this reminds me of the time my mother-in-law told me she made some ramen at home with salsa and some avocado. Total WTF moment."
A sixth wrote: "That threw me off like crazy. No good enchilada I've ever had resembles that."
40-time winner Amy Schneider faced Andrew and fan-favorite professor Sam Buttrey in the Tournament of Champions finale.
Fans were deeply divided over a religious Final Jeopardy clue that many said "robbed" Sam of a much-needed win.
Meanwhile, on the show's celebrity spinoff a "disgusting" Gabby Petito clue resulted in national uproar as well.
After six intense games, Amy emerged as the $250K tournament winner.
Going into Monday's Final Jeopardy, Amy had $15,600, Andrew right behind at $14,200 and $8,000.
She wagered a huge $13,000 as the crowd gasped – blocking out Andrew's maximum by $200 if correct – she won with $28,600.
"Amy Schneider, that's your third win!" host Ken announced as the crowd roared – Andrew goes home with $100K and Sam $50K.
Now that the Tournament of Champions concluded, reigning Jeopardy! ace Cris Pannullo will return immediately for regular play.
Co-host Mayim Bialik, 46 – now handling the Celebrity Jeopardy! spinoff- is expected to take over the reins in January.
Over the summer, Ken and Mayim were officially announced as the permanent replacements of the late Alex Trebek.
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