At Benzin in Dural, diners feast on Aussie brunch favourites with Asian twists – and there’s a vintage Porsche plonked right in the middle of its dining room. Now, cafe number two has opened in Sydney’s CBD. This iteration of Benzin (the German word for “petrol”) is smack-bang on Pitt Street, bringing its coffee and clever food to a wider audience.
This time around, the cafe’s petrolhead owners – brothers Daniel and Tim Karjadi, and their friends Calvin Leung and Yif Yu – have teamed up with Cupra, the motorsport subsidiary of Spanish car brand Seat. Patrons will again see high-performance vehicles in their midst, as well as car-themed decor and accoutrements throughout. Sculptural light fixtures that echo Cupra’s logo hang from the roof, and a double-storey mural dominates one wall.
But Benzin isn’t just for car-lovers – the cafe has its own self-titled coffee, and is serving Sonoma pastries alongside a range of toasties and breakfast staples.
Cupra’s aim is to bring a slice of Barcelona to Australia, and that manifesto is reflected in some of Benzin’s food options. You can get bocadillos (Spanish sandwiches) with fillings such as Serrano ham, creamy chicken or chorizo with manchego. The Iberian influence continues with a Spanish cold brew (spiked with condensed milk) and a Sangria mocktail. You can also get staples such as smoked salmon bagels and acai bowls, and the enticing Benzin Milo – a Milo milkshake with still more Milo piled on top.
Benzin x Cupra
Ground level, 68 Pitt Street, Sydney
Mon to Fri 6am–4pm
Sat 8am–4pm
18 Oct 2022
17 Oct 2022
17 Oct 2022
17 Oct 2022


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