Ryan Gosling has picked up some words in Spanish over the decade he’s been with Eva Mendes, who is a proud “Spanglish” professional. The actor who plays “Sierra Six” in The Gray Man, recently revealed his favorite words in Spanish, and the dish he would eat for the rest of his life.

Mendes, who recently showed off her Spanish on Instagram, shared an adorable clip Monday, showing Gosling with his bleach blonde hair for his upcoming role in Barbie, with a proud caption. “Oye mis Latinos !Tienen que oír esto! It’s so sweet ! It’s includes my Mami y Coño !”

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In the clip, Gosling says his favorite Spanish word is “Coño.” “You can’t use it incorrectly,” he said. “It’s everything, it’s Coño … Coño is always there for you,” the 41-year-old added. What’s hilarious is the somewhat vulgar ways the word is used in other countries. Gosling also admitted that the only thing he would eat for the rest of his life is Eva’s mom’s “Arroz con Leche.” So sweet!
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The clip has gotten the attention of many, like America Ferrera, who laughed in the comments, writing “Hahaha!” Mario Lopez cosigned his choice adding, “Arroz con leche is the bomb!” “The Latinization of Ryan Gosling love it!!” Wrote a fan.
Hopefully, we see more of the Spanish Gosling has learned, especially since they are trying to teach their kids, Esmeralda Amada and Amada Lee Gosling Spanish. In 2019, Mendes told CBS’s The Talk, “I’m Cuban, and we’re trying to teach the kids Spanish, and it’s harder than I thought,“ the 48-year-old actress explained. “I speak Spanglish, and that’s what they’re picking up. So it’s adorable, but it’s technically not a language. It’s Spanglish.”
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