24th Sep 2022
Spanish prime minister Pedro Sánchez demanded on Thursday a “particular response” to the energy crisis in the Iberian peninsula, which is almost disconnected from the rest of Europe. Its isolation in the context of skyrocketing prices hurt Spain and Portugal more than other countries, Sánchez said. Spain and Portugal have called for joint EU gas purchases and price caps but have not yet found enough allies to forge a deal.
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A Special Tribunal on Russian war crimes in Ukraine must be convened, because no permanent or existing international judicial institution is endowed with jurisdiction over Russian high-ranking officials, writes the head of the Ukraine delegation to the Council of Europe.
EU diplomats are having to be ever-more creative in finding Russians to blacklist, after already designating 1,206 names.
Italy's economy depends a lot on the recovery fund, and on the bond buying scheme of the European Central Bank, and Meloni is ulikely torisk it for a "freedom fight" against the EU.
France has increased projected public expenditure for 2023 with another €7.5bn compared to the last draft in August.
While in 2015 the top-declaring companies spent roughly €90m between them on lobbying the EU, this figure increased to almost €120 million in 2022.
Finland says there has not yet been a dramatic increase in Russian nationals trying to enter Finland from Russia, noting just over 4,800 Russian nationals crossed the land border on the day of Vladimir Putin's announcement of the draft.


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