Gear up for a food tour of Spanish delicacies with these recipes, as you sit back and unwind.
Tasty Thursday: Sweet Spanish desserts you must try at least once in your life
A nation’s cuisine can teach you a lot about its culture. When it comes to Spain, their delectable desserts are a great place to begin if you crave an insight into their culture for the mouthwatering, dishes convey many tales about the small hamlets and villages in Spain. Whatever your mood, there is a treat to fit it, from almond cakes to Buñuelos. Some of them may come across as bizarre, but once you give them a try, you’ll fall head over heels for them. So, gear up for a food tour of Spanish delicacies with these recipes, as you sit back and unwind.
If you wish to reinvent the humble almond cake, then cook up the famous Tarta de Santiago. This cake originated in Galicia and it is super easy to make, as it requires merely 3 core ingredients. Ideal for festivities or special occasions, it looks stunning and is sure to wow your guests. The best part is that this is a flourless confection that is also gluten free.

2. Turrón de Doña Pepa
The month of October, known as the Purple Month in Peru, is when a grand parade honouring El Senor de los Milagros, or the Lord of Miracles, is celebrated. And legend goes that Dona Pepa, a woman who lived in the 18th century, invented this treat. She was paralysed in her arms and legs but nevertheless made the trip to Lima in the hopes of a miracle. She reportedly appealed to the Lord of Miracles and received healing. She made this sticky, anise-flavored confection topped in sprinkles as a token of her thanks and distributed it as she made her way through the crowds. She made the same trip to Lima every October. It's so enticing that you can make it at home with this recipe.

3. Polvoron 0.44
The Spanish word "polvo," which means dust or powder, is the source of the word "polvoron." It makes sense because this dessert is in every way conceivable extremely powdered. Only 5 ingredients are needed to make the crumbly Polvoron cookie: flour, margarine, sugar, and cinnamon. These cookies are really buttery and delicious! The cookies break apart into powdered bits in your mouth whenever you bite into them.

4. Buñuelos
Buñuelos are sweet, crunchy snacks that are particularly well-liked during the holiday season in Mexican culture. There are many various types of Buñuelos, but because they are produced with a mould or rosette iron, they are known as " Buñuelos de Viento." They are fantastic because, in addition to being delicious, the recipe only requires readily available items from your kitchen.

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