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Family, friends, and the business community gathered to cut the ribbon on a new Thai-Mexican Street Food restaurant in Sidney, opened by Asian Garden restaurant owners Kanda and Pedro Cerritos.
Family, friends, and the business community gathered to cut the ribbon on a new Thai-Mexican Street Food restaurant in Sidney, opened by Asian Garden restaurant owners Kanda and Pedro Cerritos.
There’s a new restaurant in town that has everyone talking, a blend of Thai and Mexican street foods. It turns out the owners of the restaurant, however, are not new to town. They are the owners of the Asian Gardens, which serves delicious Chinese food.
Kanda Cerritos has been in Sidney since 2010. She came to help her mother open up the Asian Garden, after which she left for a time to open a restaurant in Billings in 2016. She returned in 2018 so her mother could retire.
After she returned to the area, she met Pedro, who had come to work a construction job, and they have since gotten married, so their restaurant is all part of an ongoing love story.
Kanda said her recipes and Pedro’s recipes are all passed down from family, so they hope the community will really enjoy what they are going to be offering.
Asian Gardens, meanwhile, will continue to operate. Friends from Denver are coming to operate that store, and the Cerritos are nearby, Kanda pointed out, in the event any help is needed there.
The idea for the Cerritos Thai-Mexican Street Food restaurant grew out of the simple fact that Pedro’s roots are from Mexico, while Kanda’s roots are Thai. It’s an interesting and unusual fusion when it comes to restaurants.
Kanda plans to offer her famous papaya salad on the Thai menu, as well as sticky rice, fish cakes, chicken satay and a few other things, while Pedro is offering a variety of Mexican items, including the ever-popular street taco.
The street tacos are already a top seller, Kanda said, particularly the birria tacos, Kanda said.
Birria has traditionally been made with goat meat in Mexico, but in the United States is more often made with stewed beef for an amazing and tender taco filling.
In time, Kanda said she expects to add more items to the menu that are a true fusion of Thai and Mexican cooking, which will give the restaurant a one-of-a-kind twist. Among these are likely to be larb chicken tacos.
Larb typically refers to a fresh, flavorful Thai salad that’s made with ground chicken, red onion, and fresh herbs like Thai basil and seasoned with a tangy, fresh lime juice dressing served over lettuce and other crunchy vegetables.
“We’re testing it out right now,” Kanda said.
The menu, however, is likely to remain simple, particularly given supply chain issues right now. But there will still be different specials each week, and eventually Kanda hopes to add Thai sausage to her side of the menu, along with some other things, once supply chain issues ease.
Supply chain issues have been very challenging, Kanda said.
“Before we opened, we went to Denver to try to get supplies,” she said. “We went to four different, you know, chain stores, the big wholesale stores. They were running out of a lot of stuff.”
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