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Fried dumplings, also known as pot stickers, are a favorite Asian dish. InkFreeNews photo.
A new study has revealed that Chinese food is the most Googled cuisine in the U.S., according to Google search data.
The research, conducted by barbecue experts, analyzed Google search data related to the 40 most popular cuisines in the world in different U.S. states, to find out what cuisines Americans search for (and eat) the most.
With an average of over 3.35 million searches per month in the U.S. only, Chinese is Americans’ favorite food.
With an average of 1.22 million Google searches in the U.S., Mexican is Americans’ second favorite food. Known for its spices and hot sauces, this cuisine is sought-after and appreciated globally.
Thai food is third in the ranking. With over 823,000 monthly Google searches in the U.S., Thai remains one of Americans’ first choices when it comes to foreign cuisines.
Registering an average of 673,000 Google searches, Indian food is the fourth most Googled food in America.
Another Asian cuisine features in fifth. Showing an average of 246,000 Google searches in the U.S., Korean food is the fifth most popular cuisine in the States, followed by Japanese (with an average of 201,000 Google searches per month in the U.S.) and soul food (201,000).
Greek, Italian and Hawaiian food follow in the ranking with an average of 165,000, 165,000 and 90,500 searches in the U.S.
A spokesperson for comments on the findings:
“It is fascinating to see food from four different Asian countries feature in the top five of the ranking. Each of the cuisines offers a wide array of delicious dishes, and they have clearly become must-have meals for Americans, whether they are cooking at home, ordering take-out or dining at a restaurant.”
The study was conducted by, which is dedicated to helping users grill and barbecue better, by offering practical guides, recipes and advice on all aspects of outdoor cooking.
Below is a list of the most popular cuisines in the U.S. based on average monthly searches:
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