Fatal accident at Hida Food premises in Mula
A 25-year-old worker died in Mula on Thursday after a pallet of tinned food fell onto her at a factory owned by the Hida Food company.
The fatal accident happened at around 5.00 pm at the premises on the El Arreaque industrial estate.
A colleague sounded the alarm after seeing the woman trapped underneath the pallet.
Firefighters were mobilised to the scene to rescue her but she had already passed away.
The impact of the pallet hitting her was so severe that she died instantly.
The Guardia Civil is investigating what led to the fall of the pallet.
The incident has been reported to the Occupational Health and Safety Institute- something that is mandatory for all industrial accidents.
Counsellors went to the factory to help distressed colleagues of the female worker, as well as family members.
Hida Food’s speciality is in producing tomato-relating products, notably sauces.

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