Mexican restaurants are said to be a dime a dozen in some parts of South Carolina, but when people drive some miles to eat at a certain one even when gas prices are high and there are repeat customers including self-described “VIPs,” you know you’ve found the spot for amazing food and service. And a lot of times, you find it somewhere you’d least expect it, like a hole-in-the-wall type of place in a small town like Pelion. Keep reading to discover where you can get the best Mexican food in South Carolina, but don’t blink or you’ll drive right by it!
You may have a wait during busier times. It’s a rockin’ place, especially the bar area, during certain timeframes. Visit the Don Pepe’s Mexican Grill and Cantina website and the Don Pepe’s Mexican Grill and Cantina Facebook page for more information and details, such as hours.
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