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Bad Bunny, the Puerto Rican singer that has put the whole world to dance, was chosen today as the best artist of the year at the Video Music Awards (VMA), MTV’s longest-running music awards, making history as the first Latino artist to ever receive this award.
Bad Bunny, who was unable to pick up the statuette live because he was just beginning a performance at Yankee Stadium in New York as part of the awards, received the award a few minutes later, on stage and after concluding his performance of “Tití me preguntó”.
During the show, he also made history by becoming the first Latino artist to ever kiss a male dancer on stage, a clear LGBTQ statement.
After his performance, he gave a speech in Spanish, a first-timer as well in the VMA’s history, to thank for the award.
“From the bottom of my heart I have no words to describe what I feel, the pride I feel to be at Yankee Stadium receiving this award,” said the excited Boricua, with the MTV astronaut in his arms.
In a brief speech, Bad Bunny also made a plea for Puerto Rico, its culture, and its language.
“I always believed, from the beginning, that I could become great, that I could become one of the best singers in the world without having to change my culture, my language, my lingo, my slang; I am Benito Antonio Martínez of Puerto Rico for the whole world,” concluded the artist.
The Puerto Rican singer was nominated alongside Drake, Ed Sheeran, Harry Styles, Jack Harlow, Lil Nas X, and Lizzo; being elected as the artist of the year is a clear reflection of his latest album success “Un Verano Sin Ti”, which was the second all-Spanish-language record to debut atop the Billboard 200 chart in the United States, according to MTV.
Bad Bunny is also part of the most-streamed artists of the year list from Spotify and has sold out almost all of his tour dates.
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