“EULAT for Culture Philippines: Filipino Design Links with Europe, the Americas, and Asia” gathered groundbreaking architects, textile, fashion designers, digital and multimedia experts, and gastronomy specialists around presentations, workshops, and conversations that took place throughout Design Week Philippines 2022 held October 15 to 22.
Instituto Cervantes, Intramuros was the venue of multi-national discussion series on design thinking for a complexly challenging world. The events series was organized by the EUNIC cluster in Manila and RIDCULT, together with the DTI-Design Center of the Philippines.
The Embassy of Spain Manila initiated the project, thinking to build on its appreciation of the Philippines as located uniquely amidst cross-cultural flows past and present.
The designers join their Filipino peers during the event series — peers who represent pivotal turns in the local scene.
Independent curator and critic Marian Pastor Roces was engaged by Design Center to conceptualize the event series and serve as Conference Director. Roces emphasized that the strong cooperation and enthusiasm of the European and Latin American embassies and cultural institutes in the case of this project does indeed foster respect across cultures and productive dialogue.
With the theme “Design for All,” Design Week Philippines 2022 celebrates design as a creative tool for positive impact, a robust vehicle for inclusive, sustainable growth, and a rich, diverse expression of Filipino culture and identity in a series of hybrid events.
In EULAT for Culture, each of the European and Latin American speakers took up a driving idea from their practices at the forefront of their fields. Each was part of a group including Filipinos whose work has similar trajectories.
While the practices are disparate, the entirety of “EULAT for Culture” comes together around design concepts that address the world's challenging complications today.
Cutting-edge design thinking is variously embodied in the practices of esteemed Spanish Architect Salvador Perez Arroyo, German-based green fashion/textile Italian designer Arianna Nicoletti, Austrian multi-media artist Horst Hortner, Daniela Gil Sevilla, Deputy Head of Mission of the Embassy of Mexico and artisan Camelia Ramos, the sustainable development-driven practice of Italian architect Romulo Nati, and the textile design and sommelier combination of the French Filipina team of Kévin and Adrienne Charuel.
Filipino scholar Fernandez Zialcita and chef Margarita Fores, respectively, speak on behalf of Mexico and Italy, as well as the Philippines, in their presentations. Other speakers include veteran urban planner architect Nathaniel Von Einsiedel, food scholar and anthropologist Corazon Alvina, graphic designer Jowee Alviar, Architects Deo Alam and the Architectural Partners Sudarshan Khadka Jr and Alex Furunes, social entrepreneur Reese Fernandez, textile innovator Ana Lagon and food scholar Datu Sharif Pendatun.
EULAT for Culture: Filipino Design links with Asia, the Americas, and Europe enjoyed exceptional support from the Spanish Government in the context of AECID's presidency of EUNIC; from the Design Center, and its curator, Marian Pastor Roces.


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