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Alba is a Spanish language dark drama series which is available to watch on Netflix
Alba is a dark Spanish language Netflix drama series adapted from the Turkish TV show Fatmagül’ün Suçu Ne? (What is Fatmagül’s Crime?)
The series follows Alba and her boyfriend Bruno, who visit their hometown to announce to their friends and family that they have started dating, though not everyone takes the news well.
After a night out, Alba wakes up on a beach bearing physical evidence of rape, but has no memory of the night before.
The plot gets even darker when Alba realises that the four men who raped her are Bruno’s friends.
Alba explores the power that money and influence can have as the wealthy families of Alba’s rapists attempt to help them evade justice for their crime.
Despite Alba’s dark theme, the series is set in some gorgeous locations across the Spanish mainland, including bustling historic cities and tranquil coastal resorts.
Many fans of the show have been eager to know where exactly it was filmed as they plan their summer getaways this year.
These are the Spanish filming locations of Alba:
The 13-part series was filmed in the second half of 2020 in two major Spanish cities.
In the series, Alba has been studying in Madrid and therefore some of the action was shot on location in the capital city.
Scenes were also filmed across the Community of Madrid, one of 17 autonomous communities in Spain, which is larger than Madrid but includes the city in its boundaries.
Known for its elegant boulevards and beautiful public parks, it is no surprise that Madrid is a popular location for film projects.
Other films and shows filmed in the city include Money Heist, Elie, The Bourne Ultimatum, the Dollars trilogy, and Pan’s Labyrinth.
Alicante is Alba and Hugo’s hometown and the place they return to in the series to tell their friends of their relationship.
The scenes set in Alicante were also filmed on location in the Province of Alicante.
Most of the beach scenes were filmed on Bol Nou Beach in the coastal town of Villajoyosa.
Serra Gelada Natural Park, which is known for its steep cliffs, also features in the series.
Finestrat, a small village on the coast with a sandy beach and stunning mountain backdrop, located in Marina Baixa, Alicante, is the backdrop to many scenes in the show.
Elena Rivera, who plays Alba, shared an image from during filming of the series to her Instagram.
Alba was released on Netflix on 15 July and the entire season is available to watch on the platform now.


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