Get inspired by these Latino pop culture icons for your Halloween costume

If you’re not one to plan your Halloween costume a whole year in advance (no shame in that!), then perhaps dressing up as one of these Latino pop culture icons will tickle your fancy. Most of these won’t require you to go all out and you might already own some of these pieces at home. Everyone from el Chapulin Colorado to Dora the Explorer, Tin Tan, or Miguel from Coco don’t require a whole lot of effort except for maybe a wig, glam makeup, or a pair of antennas will do just the trick.
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And in case you want to dress up as more than one of these characters, just remember, there’s always next year!
Scroll through the gallery for some inspiration!
El Chapulin Colorado is one of the easiest costumes you can DIY. All you need is a red crewneck or hoodie and tights, yellow gym shorts, high-top sneakers, a pair of antennas and voila – you’re all set!
You can always dress up as Mexican icon la Chilindrina for an easy yet cute option.
Remember him? Of course, you do! Miguel from Disney’s Coco only requires you to wear a pair of skinny jeans, a red sports hoodie, and lace-up boots. You can also paint your face as he does with the Day of the Dead face paint.
The Chilean comics character is the next to the easiest thing to wear your clothes. The biggest challenge might be finding a costume of Condorito’s head, but hey – there’s always paper maché!
Isabela Moner’s interpretation of Dora the Explorer will bring you back to your childhood but in a good way. Surely you have a backpack lying around!
Look hard enough, and you’ll probably find El Chavo del Ocho’s entire outfit lying around at home.
Channel your inner princess as Princess Elena of Avalor and watch the compliments roll in.
Take a cue from Tin Tan and dress as a pachuco from the 1930s.
The glitz, the glamour! Walter Mercado’s bedazzled ensemble will have you shining all night.
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