Midterm elections are fast approaching and early voting is just around the corner. The Times Picayune | New Orleans Advocate’s editorial page director and columnist, Stephanie Grace, joins us to break down the ballot and tell us what elections to pay attention to.
After two pandemic- and hurricane- related cancellations, Houma’s spookiest event returns in late October with the goal to raise awareness for Louisiana’s disappearing coast. WWNO’s coastal reporter Kezia Setyawan tells us how the upcoming Rougarou will celebrate Cajun folklore while advocating for coastal restoration.
While Louisiana is often closely associated with France due to its large French-speaking population and Acadian influence, the area was once a Spanish Colony in the late 18th to early 19th century. Managing Producer Alana Schreiber speaks with Alfred Lemmon of The Historic New Orleans Collection to learn how their new exhibit, “Spanish New Orleans and the Caribbean,” uncovers the lasting legacy of this reign.
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