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Seattle Center Festál will continue with Sea Mar Fiestas Patrias at the Seattle Center Armory Food & Event Hall and Fisher Pavilion from 1-7 p.m. on Saturday, Sept. 17, and 1-6 p.m. on Sunday, Sept. 18. The festival celebrates the liberation from Spain for Mexico, Chile, Panama, Peru and Guatemala, as well as Latino cultures which expand to the Caribbean.
The two-day festival will include music, dance, food, children’s activities, a health fair and a Zumba® fest.
Fiestas Patrias commemorates the anniversary of independence from Spain and highlights national pride and cultures in Mexico, the U.S., Costa Rica, Chile, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras and Nicaragua. The festival coincides with National Hispanic Heritage Month, observed from mid-September to mid-October.

About Sea Mar Community Health Centers

Sea Mar Community Health Centers was founded by a group of Latino community leaders in 1978. This group sought to address the healthcare needs in western Washington, specifically among the Spanish-speaking communities. Sea Mar understands the barriers Latinos and other immigrant communities may face when navigating the healthcare system, pursuing a higher education or simply trying to make a living. For this reason, Sea Mar goes beyond primary care and has established additional programs, services, and events like Sea Mar Fiestas Patrias to celebrate Latino cultural traditions.
More information on the festival is available at and

About Seattle Center Festál

Seattle Center Festál cultivates a deeper understanding of the cultures and ethnic diversity that contribute to the rich vibrancy of the Pacific Northwest. This unique series links together 24 free festivals presented on weekends from February to November, each with its own cultural focus, identity, and range of engaging activities. 2022 commemorates the 25th Anniversary of Festál, ushering in a new era of hybrid programs during this return to in-person events. Seattle Center Festál is where the world will gather to celebrate the people, the places, the stories, the traditions, and the next 25 years of innovation. Seattle Center Festál is produced in partnership with 24 different community groups and supported by 4Culture, City of Seattle, and Seattle Center Foundation. Festál is also part of the ArtsFund Cultural Partners Network.

About Seattle Center

Seattle Center is celebrating 60 years with all that is “New, Now, and Next” as Seattle’s hub for arts, sports, community events, and cultural festivals. Originally built for the 1962 Seattle World’s Fair, the dynamic 74-acre campus has transformed over the years to respond to, reflect, and represent the region’s ever-broadening community. Seattle Center and its iconic International Fountain are often referred to as the “Heart of Seattle,” serving as a treasured community gathering place where the local, regional, national, and international visitors come together every day. Today more than 30 cultural, educational, sports and entertainment organizations reside on the grounds, along with a diverse variety of public programs and thousands of events attracting more than 12 million visitors each year. At Seattle Center, part of Uptown Arts & Cultural District and home to Climate Pledge Arena, our purpose is to create exceptional events, experiences, and environments that delight and inspire the human spirit to build stronger communities. Activities at the Center generate $1.864 billion in business activity and $631 million in labor income.

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