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BEAUMONT, Texas — A first generation Mexican-American entrepreneur from Southeast Texas has spent years making sure every face she touches feel beautiful and confident. 
Emily Lopez’s career begin as a school teacher, but now she teaches women of all ages and races the importance of skincare and finding the confidence within.
She is the owner of Bee-YOU-tiful Studio in Beaumont.
“To me makeup is about inner confidence. That’s my platform right there,” she said. 
Lopez was born in the US, but moved to Mexico and lived there until she was five years old. 
Lopez’s career in the beauty industry started 13 years ago when she began selling Mary Kay makeup in college to make some extra cash. At that time, she says makeup wasn’t as accessible. 
“Mary Kay kind of gave me the model I had a lot of people that were like ‘hey I love this stuff I’m glad you taught me how to put it on but i want you to do it’ and so I just kind of naturally stepped into that makeup artistry makeup instruction is really what I love to do,” she said. 
The world of beauty is something she’s grown up with since she was born, but it wasn’t until 2012 when she’d put the brush to the face of her first client.
That first client was a bride. From that moment on, a lifelong career would begin. 
In 2019, Lopez moved into her second and current studio space where she welcomes other makeup artists like her to work.
She also holds makeup education classes for women of all ages and races 
“When people see that external change that’s what they need sometimes. Sometimes they just need that little glimmer of hope that little glimmer of ‘oh wow I feel pretty today’ and that starts to change something on the inside and over time,” Lopez said. 
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