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The Council of Ministers of Spain has announced that it will transfer about €35 million from the budget of the Ministry of Industry, Trade, and Tourism to the Ministry of Culture and Sports to finance interventions for the maintenance and sustainable rehabilitation of real estate of cultural importance in several cities in the country.
In this regard, Reyes Maroto, Minister of Industry, Trade, and Tourism, said that Spain has about 17,199 assets of cultural interest spread throughout its territory. According to him, their maintenance and rehabilitation will protect these assets and attract tourists who wish to visit Spain, reports.
“In 2019, more than 14.5 million trips were made for cultural purposes,” he pointed out.
According to a statement issued by the Ministry of Tourism, in the agreement signed in May between the Ministry of Industry, Trade, and Tourism and the Ministry of Culture and Sports, the latter will be responsible for the realization of these ten projects in different cities. The projects are all of the cultural and tourist interest, with special importance for the cultural, environmental, and economic sustainability of the environments in which they are located.
The Spanish government also emphasized that, on the one hand, €15 million will be allocated for the reform and improvement of state museums and the transferred management of Cáceres and Tarragona, both listed as World Heritage under UNESCO. Specifically, €7 million will be allocated to the Tarragona Museum and €8 million to the Cáceres Museum.
As the government explains, €4,720,040.96 will be allocated for the restoration and consolidation of castles and public walls, which have been declared assets of cultural interest and tourist interest.
The same also added that the castles that will be consolidated are Sagunto (Valencia), Adsubia (Alicante), and Santed (Zaragoza).
According to the Government, a sum of €15,279,959 will be allocated for the Landscape of Light in Madrid, which was declared a World Heritage last year. Meanwhile, €8.5 million will be invested in the rehabilitation projects of the National Library.
At the same time, the government revealed that €5,687,000 would be donated for rehabilitation assistance to the Museum of the National Art Center Reina Sofía (headquarters and Palacio de Velázquez-Parque del Retiro) and €1,092,959.04 to the National Museum of the Meadows.
Moreover, a key element of tourism in Spain undoubtedly remains the historical heritage. In this regard, it was revealed that of the trips made in 2019, about 14.5 million were made for cultural purposes.


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