Ryan Gosling has been a heartthrob since he became an actor. Yet, somehow, the man has just outdone himself in a viral video that was posted by Netflix’s Con Todo. Gosling is currently portraying Sierra Six in The Gray Man, and in a recent interview, he got personal about his love of some things Latine. Afterall, he did marry Eva Mendes so it makes sense that he would fall in love with the cultura.

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Honestly, who can disagree with the man? Arroz con leche is arguably one of the greatest desserts to ever grace this planet. The sweet rice pudding has a nostalgic smell and taste from our childhoods. It’s also that one dessert that abuela always makes better than we will ever be able to.
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Social media users are eating it up. Listening to Gosling pronounce arroz con leche is something we didn’t know we needed. Knowing that he is someone who enjoys the finer things in life is just exquisite. It’s clear that Mendes is teaching Gosling all of the things he needs to know.
Not Ryan Gosling saying his favorite word in Spanish is coño
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Now, let’s discuss his love for the word coño. Like, coño is the most versatile word in the Spanish language. As Gosling accurately describes, it can be used to mean anything and everything. There is no wrong way to use that word because it just means anything.
ryan gosling after he eats his arroz con leche and says his daily “coño” pic.twitter.com/l4ontfioFz
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In conclusion, Ryan Gosling can join any asada he so pleases. He is proving to get the culture and we love to see this kind of love for our people and appreciation for our culture.
#RyanGosling diciendo coño me acaba de dar otro golpe de calor 🤣🤣⤵️
Todo el crédito es #EvaMendes, clarooooo https://t.co/KZu8VD3Hcw
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