Message from British Consulate on voting rights for UK expats in Spain 2023 electionAlthough UK expats no longer automatically qualify to vote in Municipal Elections having lost EU Citizen status after Brexit, they can still vote in local elections because there is a reciprocal agreement between Spain and the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, signed in Madrid on 21 January 2019, which recognises the right of British citizens residing in Spain to vote and to stand as a candidate.
This however entails a new registration process, long-awaited details of which have now been published. Although the details have been published by the Alicante Diputación, the British Vice Consul confirms that for the Murcia Region and the rest of Spain, “the information will probably be the same as this is based on national legislation”.
Non-EU citizens from countries with a reciprocal agreement must register to vote every time they wish to exercise their right to vote in municipal elections.
Message from British Consulate on voting rights for UK expats in Spain 2023 electionThe Electoral Census of Foreign Nationals Resident in Spain from Countries with Agreements is re-compiled for each municipal election, meaning that enrolments are valid only in the municipal election for which they were made.
In order to exercise your right to vote, in addition to the general requirements, you must have been resident in Spain for the time period required by the relevant agreement.
The requirements for UK expats to qualify for voter registration are:
Informative Talks on how to vote have been arranged in the Alicante area to provide guidance in the process the talks will be held at:
If you wish to attend any of these events, you are asked to confirm by email
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