Visiting Mallorca? Here are the top 10 things to in the crown jewel of Balearic Islands of Spain.
Mallorca is the Balearic Islands' largest island, located in the Mediterranean Sea. Cabrera (southeast of Palma) and Dragonera (west of Palma) are the two small islands that make up the archipelago off the coast of Mallorca. It is Spain's most interesting city, dominated by a rough and steep mountain range studded with honey-colored stones and nearly ten times the size of Ibiza's party island. Because there is so much to do, the city always manages to preserve a special space in the hearts of its visitors. Mallorca is one of the most beautiful sites in Spain for making memories, and here are the top 10 things to do in the crown jewel of the Balearic Islands of Spain.
These buggy trips take visitors to some of the city's most beautiful spots. While riding around the city streets in the open windshield buggies, they take in the splendor of the surrounding area including beaches, pine forests, breathtaking vistas, and rocky terrain. These mud buggy and off-road buggy route tours run roughly three-four and a half hours for visitors. Cala Mandia, Cala Millor, Felantix, Son Marcia, and Cala Murada, among others, are some of the best sites to go on buggy trips in Mallorca.
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This is a great site for water thrill seekers or adrenaline junkies who want to jump over the cliff and swim in the crystal blue seas, or for those who want to go trailing or hiking in the Porto Cristo area's massive mountains. A half-hour spent in this location will ensure that all water-related desires are realized and checked off bucket lists.
It is not advisable to take children under the age of 12.
Tourists can explore the city's splendor in a single day by taking this wonderful mix of boat and antique train via the Serra de Tramuntana, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, as well as the stunning landscape of the city's western part. The quaint wooden train features a large window that allows passengers to get a good look at the sights as they pass by. From the boat going through La Calobra, visitors may take in the sights of the coastline. Those with the desire for something lighter and pleasant can explore the massive mountains, stunning skies, and lovely sights.
This is the most popular boat experience on the island's south. The boat in Barca Samba plays its music and live DJs to demonstrate what true boating fun is all about. At the bar, visitors quench their thirst for booze, and the buffet provides them with a delicious taste of the local cuisine, all while the music transports them to another world. It is a very sociable event as they'll encounter a lot of individuals on the boat who are enjoying themselves and having a wonderful time.
This is the greatest option for visitors who wish to see the entire city in a short amount of time. Biking across the city allows them to immerse themselves in the culture. It is a must-do for anyone visiting the city. They'll pass through small, laid-back neighborhoods with gorgeous odd-colored houses and lush greenery on their route to Parc de la Mar and Palma Cathedral, two of the city's most important landmarks.
This is for individuals who enjoy peaceful excursions. Visitors could begin their journey by walking through Palma's rural village and along the city's rocky Mediterranean slopes. The magnificent views of the island, which are surrounded by thick flora, are breathtaking. After a few miles of trekking, they'll come across a perfectly clean stream. They can even taste the lovely, clear water that runs through the area. Trek around or climb the mountains if feeling adventurous, and take plenty of beautiful photos to share on social media. The tour includes lunch and one drink and lasts around seven and a half hours.
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They are the tiniest caverns on the island of Mallorca. The stunning natural caves of Genova rise to a height of about 100 feet, bringing visitors closer to the city's land. They go on a guided tour and are taught how the caves were shaped through time by nature. Rare domes, magnificent water pools, and tunnels traverse through embellish the caves. They should, however, take care when walking because the surface is not level.
Visitors may jump immediately into a kayak and paddle through the blue waters of Mallorca, with the novel water sports in a gorgeous setting with a pleasant breeze passing by. While gliding over the beaches, they will come across several coves. They can also take a break and enjoy the peacefulness of the area. Snorkeling in the Bay of Palma is a must-do activity for any true adventurer, especially if traveling in a group.
Visitors should ensure they have a life jacket and a guidebook with them. It is not recommended to have kids to participate in snorkeling.
To do this adrenaline-pumping workout, tourists will need the heart of a stone. When standing at the brink, ready to climb along Mallorca's jagged cliffs, they will feel their hearts racing and a rush of happiness flow through their bodies. They will have finally tasted the sensation of victory as soon as they jump into the crystal-clear lagoon. A fantastic adventure awaits them in the Serra de Tramuntana mountains, which are a UNESCO-certified World Heritage Site, located close to the city.
This amazing two-hour balloon journey in the northeastern area of Palma de Mallorca is endowed with spectacular views of a magnificent sky of yellow and crimson. The hot air balloon flight, which normally departs from Cala Milor, can be easily booked by tourists. As soon as they begin to defy gravity and reach for the sky, the globe shrinks with each inch they gain in altitude. Beautiful beaches, rich foliage, and monuments all combine to create a stunning scene, with a scenic backdrop to enjoy.
Sunset; Adults @€185, Children (4-12) @€100
Children below 4 years are not permitted to participate in the hot-air balloon ride
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