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Rob Staines has travelled all over the world and is a consumer travel expert. He told Express.co.uk how Britons can bring down the cost of car hire.
Rob said: “Car hire prices are extortionate at the moment due to surges in demand and less availability due to firms shedding stock during the pandemic.
My recent car hire for a Spanish holiday was more than my flight and accommodation combined.”
According to research from DiscoverCars.com, the average cost of hiring a car has risen by 47 percent worldwide.
Portugal has seen a price increase of 82 percent since last June while prices in Ireland have rocketed by 267 percent.
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Rob told Express.co.uk: “I decided to wait until I got there and booked the car whilst abroad in local currency which saved hundreds of pounds.
“Also, look out for hidden extras like airport pick up charges and over inflated insurance packages which are grossly overpriced.
“Don’t be scared into booking extra insurance cover, instead check your existing insurance covers you.
“Fuel prices are not just sky high in the UK. I was shocked to discover fuel costs more in Spain than it did at home.”
Car hire companies can have a lot of hidden extras and Britons can even end up paying a fortune to rent a child’s car seat.
British tourists should check the car for damage before leaving to make sure they avoid any damage charges.
If possible, it’s a good idea to take photos of the car to prove that any existing damage was already there.
As Rob said, some travellers’ existing insurance may cover them and help to avoid extortionate extra charges.
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“It should not replace travel insurance however – use both in conjunction to avoid any nasty surprise charges!”
British people can either get a GHIC (Global Health Insurance Card) or EHIC (European Health Insurance Card).
The card is free of charge and covers medically necessary healthcare, including trips to A&E or routine medical care.TRAVEL: SpainBritish tourists should beware of websites charging a fee to register for an EHIC or GHIC as the card is always free.
Britons can apply for a new card through the NHS website and there is no deadline although applications are currently taking longer than usual due to high demand.
Tourists will still need to take out their own travel insurance in case they need extra treatment while on holiday.
Any Britons taking part in extreme sports or other adventurous activities are likely to need a greater level of cover.
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