Invited by the snapchateur « La Flèche » on the island of Santorini in Greece, four young French people aged between 16 and 20 allegedly beat up a Spanish tourist who was there before stealing his phone. The victim is currently in critical condition. The minor was released and the three adults were imprisoned.
An incident on an island renowned for its safety. The “La Flèche” snapchatter, from the Paris region, made an act of generosity by inviting four young people from his district of Rueil-Malmaison (Hauts-de-Seine), aged between 16 and 20, to spend their holidays on the island of Santorini in Greece without spending a penny. The influencer took care of booking tickets and hotel as well as food and activity costs.
“Being young, I had the chance to go on vacation with organizations that helped young people who did not necessarily have the means to go on vacation. I wanted to reproduce it,” said the influencer.
“I started mobilizing my community on Snapchat to help me raise the funds. With these I bought plane tickets and I booked hotels and made a small circuit in Santorini. All this to please young people so that they have a change of scenery and can mingle, discuss and meet people,” he added.
Thirty police officers board the group
However, on Thursday August 11, when “La Flèche” decided to give the young people 45 minutes of free time, the latter took the opportunity to beat up a 33-year-old Spanish tourist before stealing his mobile phone. The criminals then joined the influencer without the latter being aware of the incident.
The next evening, « La Flèche », accompanied by the four young people, goes to the restaurant. “I felt them weird,” he said. Suddenly, about thirty police officers arrive inside the restaurant and challenge the influencer and the four individuals.
« I start asking the police what’s going on (…) the policeman says to me directly: ‘Sir, we know it’s not you, we saw it on the camera.’ Something serious happened yesterday in town,” said the Snapchateur.
“The policeman said to me: “the young people who are with you have left a person between life and death” (…) When he told me that, my heart rose in my head and went down to my feet before going back up,” he added.

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« I’m ashamed to have brought ingrates »
At the police station, « La Flèche » claims to have denounced the « ingratitude » of the four young people while denying its responsibility for the facts which had occurred the day before. “Fortunately everything was recorded on Snapchat, I show them all the steps I have taken for a month (…) The policeman took me in his arms”, he explained.
The Spanish tourist was treated at the nearest hospital before being transferred to Athens, where he remains in critical condition. “When I saw the tourist’s face, I almost cried. I’m ashamed to have brought back ingrates, I don’t know if there is a word to describe what they did,” denounced “La Flèche”.
At present, the four youths have been taken to the Naxos prosecutor’s office. They are the subject of a complaint for “aggravated assault and battery” as well as “theft” and were tried on Tuesday in Naxos.
According to « La Flèche », the 16-year-old minor was released. The three adults between the ages of 18 and 20 were incarcerated.
According to the Greek media News 24/7, when they were arrested, the individuals were in possession of three telephones, the sum of 460 euros and a credit card.
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